Lina Montero Soto

General Manager & Creative Strategist

I’m a Kiwi/Latina with 15 years in brand advertising. During this time, I’ve been lucky enough to have done it all – brand, direct, digital, shopper, design, social, activation. I’ve worked in New Zealand, Asia and London and worn many hats – business director, creative strategist, producer, creative wrangler, budget whipper. I’m passionate about galvanising diverse teams and brands to create magical consumer experiences because it’s a joy to see people winning.

What makes a winning activation? To me, it’s about accurately translating brand strategy insights into the activation environment. Like the Polident Denture Adhesive Confidence Cream activation I launched whilst working in Asia. We discovered that seeing is believing for the local market.  They simply couldn’t understand how one denture adhesive cream was different to another, but when people were able to sing with confidence after using Polident, they realised the difference. We created ‘Polident Kiluan Emas’ – essentially an ‘Elderly Idol’ singing competition for 50+ denture wearers that was held at shopping malls throughout Malaysia. The activation was so popular it became a branded TV show throughout the APAC region.

‘Polident Kiluan Emas’ was so successful because it linked back to a rich, deep insight, and as a creative strategist, I believe you have to have empathy, energy and hunger to hunt for that good insight.

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