Tarryn Garton

Experiential Manager

I’ve been living and breathing activations for the last five years. Starting with Ellerslie Flower Show, then Mount Festival of Multisport events. My focus for the last two years has been with Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlon. What gets me excited about the event is designing the engagement experiences for the kids on the course and off the course. It’s all about engagement that makes them want to try and in turn builds their confidence through fun, do-able sports activity (and healthy breakfasts of course).

 I absolutely delight in seeing the parents follow their kids around the course, nervously watching them try their hardest. The finish line is the best place to see kids feeling proud of themselves, and the parents are usually much more ecstatic than their kids. Sometimes we want to give medals to the parents for being amazing cheerleaders.

 Prior to the event’s D day - it’s all about the planning. I’m in it the whole way, from the big brand experience idea right up to the very end. My business studies background gives me discipline and helps me make the link between a business brand strategy and the reality of what a good experiential strategy looks like on the ground.

 My magic power is that I have the knack to make something fun out of an ordinary challenge. That’s where I get my biggest kick – standing back after setting up, seeing kids interact with a stand, watching their huge smiles and then seeing the client’s brand team turn up with even bigger grins. It just makes it all worth it.

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