Lina Montero Soto
General Manager & Creative Strategist

I’m passionate about galvanising diverse teams and brands to create magical consumer experiences because it’s a joy to see people winning.
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Simon Keely
Sponsorship Specialist

The thrill for me is working on an event all year and then feeling that magical buzz when the gates open, people are excited and all the organised chaos of planning comes together in one unique experience.
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Craig Seuseu
Event & Experiential Specialist

For me, the magic sparkle is when the sponsors and event delivery teams come away from the activation feeling positive and knowing they made a lasting experience in the minds of the participants.
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Dave Mee
Event & Sponsorship Mastermind

The magic for me comes down to one thing: opening the gates and seeing the delight on participants’ faces with every experience they encounter.
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Lauren Watson
Event & Experiential Specialist

Seeing an event as an overall experience means that we can be fearless with innovation and make any activation idea possible and even magical.
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Nigel Chenery
Brand & Experiential Strategist

The  magic formula I like to see in action is watching kids’ confidence build as  they run through the Sanitarium Weet-Bix TRYathlon finish line, with their ecstatic parents waiting on the other side.  It’s so rewarding.
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Our experiential makers


Tarryn Garton
Experiential Manager

My magic power is that I have the knack to make something fun out of an ordinary challenge. That’s where I get my biggest kick – standing back after setting up, seeing kids interact with a stand, watching their huge smiles and then seeing the client’s brand team turn up with even bigger grins. It just makes it all worth it. 
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Debbie Knight
Experiential Manager

For me the magic secret to a successful event is obsession with the detail.
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Our network that gets it done

Between our individual experience and the strategic alliance we have with SMC Events, we know the best people in every aspect of activation creation, production and management and will pull together the very best team for you every time.

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